Fab Forge Five is a rapid prototyping services company, specializing in 3D design, fabrication, embedded microcontrollers, and coding.​ 

We offer a broad set of rapid prototyping services, including 3D CAD design, mechanical motion studies, strength analysis, hardware and software development and integration, mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, patent-ready drawings, photo-realistic renderings, etc. All with rich, detailed documentation intended for self-sufficient day-to-day use.

We’re makers. We want you to be one too. 

We're on a mission to provide students, individuals and small and medium businesses with the resources to create, debug, perfect, prove, and enjoy the products they imagine. 

We believe that the process of making is a fundamental aspect of human culture, and one that should be openly shared. We love the process as much as the result.

We help our customers to create products by combining their creative vision with our rapid prototyping expertise, using a variety of skills and resources. 

Fab Forge Five can cover the entire process of a product or prototype build, including 3D design, 3D fabrication, embedded microcontrollers, and associated coding.

Greg Treseder is the founder of Fab Forge Five, a digital fabrication services company specializing in 3D design, fabrication, prototyping, embedded microcontrollers, and coding.

Greg is a former aerospace engineer with a background in electronic test and measurement equipment, CAD software, robotics software, and big data analytics, with many years of successful customer engagements. He believes that the process of making is a fundamental aspect of human culture, and a great way to create beneficial impact.

Greg develops and sells his own products and kits, teaches a variety of electronics courses at local makerspaces, is a part-time Mechatronics professor at Sierra College, and is a contributing writer for MAKE Magazine.